Welcome to the Owatonna Arts Center!

Encourages and celebrates the creative and performing arts that Enrich the Human Spirit!

After a number of years in the making, there is finally construction activity at the Owatonna Arts Center.

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Message from the President

There has been a lot of action at the Arts Center since our last report. If you have not driven around the facility, a tour might be arlaninteresting. The hole in the ground is starting to “sprout”. The footings are in and the block is fairly well complete. The outline of the building is easily seen and the height of the elevator tower indicates the approximate height of the building. Assuming Mother Nature is good to us, it is anticipated that the building will be enclosed by December. At this time the estimated completion date is about March 1, 2016. Stay tuned!!

A membership meeting was held Sept 15, 2015 with the major agenda item the election of the Board of Directors. New members with expiration dates are: Shirley Erickson (2016), Sue Vedder (2017), Marlene Camilli (2018), Nancy Deetz (2018), Stephanie Shea (2018). Beth DeCoux(2016) was elected after being appointed during 2015. These six (6) join Arlan Burmeister (2016), Barb Klinger (2016), and Naomi Jirele (2017). In a short board meeting after the Annual Meeting the following officers were elected: Arlan Burmeister, President; Barb Klinger, Treasurer; Beth DeCoux, Secretary. Marlene Camilli was elected as Vice President at the October board meeting.

Interviews have been held for the position of Administrative Assistant and interviews are scheduled for the Business Manager position. We also anticipate an announcement on the hiring of an Education Coordinator. Budgetary constraints are an issue and all of the positions are included and covered in the budget.

As we move forward, the Board will be concentrating on membership. A strong membership is necessary to have a healthy organization and the new positions should add the staffing skills needed to operate a successful Arts Center. We are getting positive comments now that the building addition is in process. Special events, programs and classes will continue to be added. Your continued support and positive feedback are appreciated.

Please check other items in this newsletter. Special attention should be given to the Wine Tasting and Pastimes. Our Christmas and holiday programming is highlighted and will be published on the web page and on Facebook. Hope to talk with many of you at one of our upcoming events.

Arlan Burmeister

What is #GivingTuesday?turkys(761-of-102)


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The Owatonna Arts Center will be closed on the following holidays:
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day