The Board of Directors

arlan  Arlan Burmeister, President

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Arlan is a retired college administrator and businessman. His wife, Beverly, is the artist and has encouraged his interest in the Arts. Giving back to the community is important to Arlan and he is dedicated to assisting the Owatonna Arts Center to become a “destination” for activities and the arts in the area.

steph Stephanie Shea, Vice President

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SueV Sue Vedder, Secretary

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A recent retirement as a dental hygienist of 43 years has enabled me the time to get involved and give back to our wonderful community. Mother of three and five grands round out my family life. Although I am not an artist, I very much support the arts. I invite you all to visit our beautiful facility and see what it has to offer!


marlene Marlene Camilli, Treasurer

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Beth DeCoux

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Beth DeCoux is a native of Owatonna and an artist. A passionate believer in the power of art to create better human beings and in the ideals of the Owatonna Art Center, she is dedicated to encouraging creative expression and celebrating that expression throughout the community.


naomibw  Naomi Jirele

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The ‘arts’ affect each of us in multiple ways every single day! I, personally, find solace, healing, and energy in photographing the colors, textures, patterns, and shapes found in nature AND helping children and adults alike find the ‘art’ hidden within! What do YOU take in as you look around YOUR world AND what can you contribute to add to its beauty? Come and check out the Owatonna Arts Center so YOU can unlock the creative treasures lying within YOU! You might just possess a gift this world is waiting to behold! 🙂 ~Naomi Jirele

turi Patricia Braasch-Turi

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  Nancy Deetz

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irkie Kevin Ihrke

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