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Summer/Fall 2017 Healing Arts Program Exhibition
July – October
Tuesday July 11, 4:30 – 6:00 PM. You are invited to view the new exhibit and meet the artists at the Summer/Fall Artist Reception at the Owatonna Hospital.

Chris and Sue Holmquist, Clay

Chris and Sue Holmquist are a husband and wife pottery team who live in a beautiful countryside, four miles east of Northfield.  They built their pottery studio next to their house, which stands in a grove of trees surrounded by corn fields.  In this pastoral setting, they quietly create beautiful earthenware pots.

Inspired by their children’s childhood books, they paint whimsical pictures on every pot.  Usually the images include animals as their main characters.  Their pots have a strong design and always make you smile.

Allan Mathison, Painting

Having lived on the prairie for most of my life, I’ve found my encounters with wooded areas both a treat to my eyes and a gift to my soul.  Therefore, it’s only natural that when searching for subjects to paint, I find myself painting what delights my eyes and soul.  Since I am more concerned about the spirit and mood of the painting than the actual realistic representation, I use techniques, composition and colors that I feel will capture the spirit of special moments in nature.  Of course, a good camera helps to bring me back to the woods when I reach my studio.

The titles of my works often hint at qualities I see and hear when I visit the woods.  Dance, symphony, melody and conversation are used in my titles.  They’re part of the experiences I have when encountering the colors, smells, sounds and wind in the woods.  To me, the woods are always moving, like the strokes of an artist’s brush — twisting, turning and learning.

I invite you to share some of my moments in the woods and to feel the wind, hear the music, join the dance and enjoy the silence.

Diane Nelson, Painting

My approach to art:  We may have many careers in our lifetime.  I never planned to be a watercolor artist.  I was going to design rooms with furniture and rugs.  After getting a part-time job as a graphic artist while in college, I was hooked into art.  Then I discovered watercolors, that unforgiving difficult medium and I realized here was a challenge to be met.

My creative process is informed by my education and a career in graphic design.  My interests have been in painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, gardening and the outdoors.  As a result, the physical face of my art merges graphics with the esthetics of nature as much as it does with creativity.

As the subject of my art, I work with images of flowers from my garden, Minneapolis lakes and the Minnesota and Wisconsin landscapes.  When I paint outdoors, the world of stress and tension fall away, and I am inspired and surrounded by the sights, smells and sounds of nature.  I paint both from life and from my own photos.

It is in my studio where I explore new and different techniques.  There is always a new color of paint or an unusual ink that is crying out to be included in one of my paintings. Watercolor is my favorite medium and has been since discovering it over 20  years ago, when I took a workshop in northern Wisconsin at UW art camp at Pigeon Lake.

Working with the paints, brushes and papers is very satisfying.  I relish the process of getting my hands dirty (as I always do) and hoping and praying each painting will succeed.  I work small, mostly quarter sheet size or smaller, with the intent that I keep my work affordable.  I feel that art should be available to everyone.

Peter Stohl, Ink and watercolor drawings

In 2013, after living in Europe for 20 plus years, Peter Stohl and is wife (Solveig) moved back to Minnesota and settled in St. Paul.  During that time, they served in eastern Europe as Christian family counselors.  From 2005 to 2013, they lived in Kaunas, Lithuania and worked with the Lithuanian Family Center.  In Kaunas, Peter was inspired to return to his former style of drawing.

Peter does ink and watercolor drawings.  He studied art and art history at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN and studied one semester in Florence, Italy.  He was inspired by the beauty of the city.  He likes realism and likes to work on paper.  He developed a technique of combining watercolor and ink hatching.  He likes the texture of the ink hatching, plus he can achieve rich, dark tones that he can’t create with watercolor alone.

Before changing careers in the mid 1980’s, Peter worked on a series of still-life drawings, interiors and neighborhood landscapes and was represented by Groveland Galley in Minneapolis.

In his words, “In Kaunas (in 2006), I was so inspired by the beauty and clutter around us, that I started drawing again.  We lived in the Old Town and I created a series of drawings of scenes from our neighborhood.  I like to portray everyday life, and I often see my scenes as still-life’s.  I am drawn to the design, color, lighting and shadows of a particular scene.  It is refreshing for me to recreate this atmosphere or mood on paper.  Now that we live in St. Paul, I am discovering new subject matter and creating new drawings.”

Brenda Ward, Painting

Originally from California, I’ve lived in Minnesota for 25 years.  I am a graduate of California State University, Sacramento with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art and worked as a commercial artist, book cover artist, muralist and decorative painter.  Returning to my roots, I’m enjoying painting in oils.  My interest lies in studying the “master painters” and discovering their technique of laying paint, which results in a depth of color that is unique to the classic paintings.  I strive to implement those techniques into all of my paintings.  I hope you find these paintings worthy of you.