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Spring/Summer 2017 Healing Arts Program Exhibition
March – June

Tuesday March 14, 4:30 – 6:00 PM. You are invited to view the new exhibit and meet the artists at the Spring/Summer Artist Reception at the Owatonna Hospital.

Gayle Cole, Painting

Cole says, “My involvement with visual art began in junior high, by making abstract collages in order to learn about the principles and elements of design. Expanding from that, I’ve continued studying and experimenting with various media over the course of many decades. New work steadily occurs and grows out of itself through the creative process, with a solid basis in abstraction at its core.
In this group of paintings, I was drawn to references that touch on the notion of landscape and the processes that move through nature: the transitions of seasons, days and nights, the role of water and weather – or the abiding presence of the sun and the moon.
These are invented landscapes, with color becoming major concerns as the images are developed. Spontaneity, improvisation and an integral involvement with the medium of the paint itself, are important in building each image through the process of layering and revision.”

Rev. Jack Dahl, Watercolor

Jack was born in southern Minnesota. His father taught at Pillsbury Academy in Owatonna. After graduating from high school in Janesville, Minn., Jack joined the Navy and served from 1961 to 1965 with two tours in Vietnam. He graduated from the School of Associated Arts in St. Paul with a bachelor of fine arts degree and received his master’s degree in Studio Art from Mankato State University.
He was active in the arts before being called to the ministry. He and his wife Barbara opened their studio, doing large paintings for theater and restaurants. Dahl was the featured artist for Billy Graham’s magazine “Decisions.”
In 1982, Jack enrolled in the seminary at Fort Wayne, Ind. He served two congregations in Iowa and in Minnesota. After his retirement ten years ago, he continued to make shut-in visits for a congregation in Mankato and more recently for Trinity Lutheran in Janesville, Minn.
He began painting again, and it has become a special part of his life, along with his love for his Lord, his wife Barbara and family, and visiting shut-ins. Jack is a member of the Waseca Art Center and the Minnesota Watercolor Society.
What about “Remembering Samuel”? Our second grandson died before being delivered. Our youngest son and his wife named him Samuel, and this is my way to grieve as a grandfather. I have continued to sign all my paintings with this tag. We do not want to forget.

Candy Kuehn, Photography

Kuehn says, “These landscapes, joyous, are my recent work. I feel symbolic dreams live with and around our three dimensional space and time. I see these as shapes alive in meaning; these rivers, that flow deep underneath our feet, beyond time. I was born seeing outside three dimensional space.
I can show you, now what I see. I use apps in the phone (HDR, Image Benders and Editors), then play with them inside the computer. These form digital photo paintings. I also layer, dye upon dye, mix pastes and pigment in my fabric work. These digitals and dyes, are what I feel and see every day.
Just as others see darkness, I see vivid light. Rapture ripples in streams, my heart awash, wondrous whispered brooks with little hopes that float up vast reveries. These dreams mix, ebb and flow, as on big, huge, under our feet, between our toes with time’s mud. I found where they emerge. How together, we share these visions.”

April Malphurs, Glass

April Malphurs grew up near the Corning Museum of Glass in New York state, developing a fascination with glass at a young age. April’s artistic training began at Cornell University, followed by a master’s degree in Art Education at Teacher’s College, Columbia University.
Due to the highly reflective nature of glass and April’s interest in light and shadow, she became interested in the medium of glass. April studied flame working and glass blowing at The Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass and at FOCI Minnesota Glass Arts.
April’s current work combines flame-worked beads with blown-glass bases. She expresses ideas that everyone can relate to, such as a splash, a floral arrangement or a formal event. Additionally, her joy in working with children stimulates a very playful, energetic aspect to the whimsical sculptures she created that reflects her bubbly personality and enthusiasm for life.
April wants her audience to identify with and easily understand her work, finding humor in it. She says, “Humor is a powerful tool. It has the power to change our day or our outlook. It can give us strength to get through the tough times.”
It is her wish for her work to bring a smile to someone’s face or even a giggle or a guffaw as they look at the beauty or silliness of a sculpture. Creating her work, is almost meditative and brings April peace, energy and joy. She hopes that even for just a moment, it can bring that to others as well.

Sarah Schaleger, Painting

Schaleger says, “I create paintings of sacred space that invite centering, recharging and healing. I use beautifully reflective metallic paint made with mica flakes, playing with texture and rhythm in changing patterns of shape and color, using brush strokes and printing to create rich, tapestry-like layers.
My work as a spiritual care provider manifests in color and light within each painting, evoking my sense of connection to the source of life and healing. My pieces are commissioned and collected by individuals, organizations, and healthcare institutions.”